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Thread: Advanced option to automatically download latest unplayed episodes

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    Advanced option to automatically download latest unplayed episodes

    Currently the episode download logic is, as you know, broadly handled in one of two ways: the first downloads the most recent (newest) user defined number of episodes, regardless of whether or not the user has played the episodes in question, whilst the second downloads a user defined number of episodes in order of publishing date, but in this case only episodes that are currently marked as unplayed. Would you consider adding an advanced option to only count unplayed episodes, as in the second approach, when automatically downloading the latest episodes from a feed? This would be immensely useful when you want to catch up with a large amount of episodes, but want to avoid either having to regularly download the episodes manually or listening to the episodes in order (which often means listening to episodes several years old).

    I get that the fact that the first method doesn't take into account the played/unplayed state isn't problematic for the probably most common use, ie. to listen to news podcasts and podcasts about contemporary issues, since the value in listening to older episodes often diminishes with age (hence the suggestion to make this an advanced option). The second approach to automatic download handling is of course meant to provide a solution for users wanting to listen to older episodes, but I would argue that due to the very large amount of episodes many popular podcasts now boast, the approach of downloading in order isn't enough anymore. It works well for certain types of podcasts, history podcasts, audio book-like podcasts and the like, but it's a poor way of handling automatic downloading of, say, The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe which would take you back to 2005 and 600 episodes to listen to before you reach 2017 if you were to listen to them in order.

    I hope you'll consider it! Either way, I have to say this is the best podcast app I've come across! I've tested a lot of different ones now, but I think this is the one. Keep up the good work!

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    I will report your suggestion to development for discussion. Thank you!

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