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Thread: OPML Issues in 4/1/48 - Can't import to other players

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    Angry OPML Issues in 4/1/48 - Can't import to other players

    Sorry about that title, it's 4.1.18 version of bp

    I export my feed to opml, but when i open and look at it, I see it lacks a closing </xml>.

    I fixed that, but then resent it to my friend, who tried to import using Podcast Addict.

    It says "0 podcasts found"

    Why is that? Do the categories mess it up? Is there not a standard opml format that can be used across players? Thanks.

    Here's the link to my file
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    Your OPML file seems good (the way it is posted) - there is no need for closing </XML> (as per xml spec)

    My only guess is that Podcast Addict is expecting all feeds to be at the "root" level, BeyondPod groups them in sections by category.

    OPML is an older format and designed to provide hierarchical list of topics (feeds) - each app is free to use/interpret any way it wants - there is no single standard.

    You can try this file - I just removed the top level category and left the feeds directly in the root - that may be enough for Podcast Addict to recognize it.

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