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Thread: Retrieving old podcast episodes not shown in 'Feed'

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    Retrieving old podcast episodes not shown in 'Feed'

    Hi there

    I'm new to using podcasts and so not 100% if this question should be directed here or to the provider of the RSS feed for the podcast in question. Here seems the best place to start as I am approaching the time where I have to pay a license fee for my BeyondPod so this will be a good test of how helpful userbase is :-)

    I have subscribed to the SecurityNow feed by Steve Gibson. There is about 350 podcasts available but my feed in BeyondPod only shows the latest 10. I want to browse and download some of the earliest ones.

    I have looked at the feed settings and none seem relevant. I suspect this might be a case of the RSS feed size being limited to the last 10 episodes. Is that correct or is there somewhere I can control that from my feed in BeyondPod.

    Obviously I can download the podcasts manually and then try and import them into BeyondPod but I'd much rather be able to manage it seamlessly from the feed manager

    Thanks in advance

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    BeyondPod shows only the episodes the publisher decided to include (they usually "trim" the feed to the last 10..20 episodes to keep it manageable). One way to get the older episodes is to use BeyodnPod's integration with Google Reader. Reader (like many Google services) keeps a history of most old episodes. Here is a link with instructions on how to set this up.

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