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Thread: Playing wrong (non-podcast) Mp3s, not DLing properly

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    Playing wrong (non-podcast) Mp3s, not DLing properly


    About a week ago, BP started randomly playing music (that I have locally for Spotify) instead of podcasts. I didn't do anything new to precipitate this change (that I know of). It happens to all streams. 50% of the time, it plays snippets of my mp3s, strung together randomly. If that doesn't happen, 40% it says "Error Downloading Feed". 10% of the time it plays what it's supposed to. Thought even when it does that, it doesn't display the title correctly, normally just showing a string of 10-15 numbers.

    Also, sometimes it displays non-sensical characters in that little colorful box that occasionally displays on the top of my feeds list (which used to tell me about the beta). I can make that go away by clicking "Okay, got it!".

    I've uninstalled BP, deleted all local podcasts, and reinstalled. Still happens.

    Even after reinstalling, I've put all my DL settings back to how they used to be, but it's refusing to DL latest episodes automatically.

    Streaming seems to work, but that's not a practical fix. Help! I love this app!

    Samsung S5
    Model Number: SM-G900V
    Android: 5.0
    BeyondPod v4.1.48

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum.

    To be able to troubleshoot this, we'll need some clues to narrow down the circumstances in which is occurs and some concrete examples.

    I haven't come across it happening to anybody else, but my first suspicion would be some sort of data corruption, especially if your podcasts are stored on an external SD card - although with an S5, that's not an option any more.


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