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Thread: Change delete list from plain alert to interactive screen

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    Change delete list from plain alert to interactive screen


    I listen to BeyondPod in the car and sometimes I hear an episode I want to keep it to listen to it again or share it, so I have BeyondPod set to not automatically delete played podcasts so I can go back through the list of played episodes later (when not driving) and save them before deleting the rest. When I go to delete the played episodes, I review the list and will sometimes want to save one, relisten to it, or see what feed it came from. I'd like the "delete played" confirmation dialog to be changed from just displaying a text list of podcast names with a global confirm and cancel options to being a true list where each item in the list can be interacted with individually (but keeping the global confirm and delete options). Options I'd like to have per episode is: "toggle favorite", "view episode notes", and "go to feed".

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    Thanks for the suggestion. One thing you might like to consider as an alternative is to mark the ones you don't want to delete as Favourites.



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