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Thread: Playlist sort oder

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    Playlist sort oder

    How on earth do I set my playlist to play episodes in chronological order?

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    Episodes in a single feed, or multiple feeds together?

    You can set the feed itself to download in-order, (open feed, Episode Download, first picker).

    You can set SmartPlay program items to play the Oldest <however many> episodes of a category or feed.

    Is this what you want to do?

    Personally, all of my feeds download in-order (most of them one episode at a time), and I have categories for episode lengths (<5m, 5-15m, 15-30m, 30-60m, >60m) with a SmartPlay item for each of these categories, playing Oldest 50 episodes. I get each feed in order, and the more frequent feeds tend to be shorter.

    Beware -- a very few feeds don't have timestamps that BP can make sense of, and so BP can't play them in order.

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    Hi Dennis,

    I have been using Beyondpod for years (since before the big re-design) but had to do a factory reset on my phone and every other app has restored beautifully but beyondpod is just hopeless. 2 big issues:

    1). I cannot import an OPML I exported previously from the old version because, though I can find the opml file BP insists on the the file being in a hidden android directory which I cannot find (surprise, surprise).

    2). Having reset some of my feeds, I can sort the feeds lists by Oldest First but the default playlist which is where I play everything from is not sorted in any fashion I recognise. I used to be able to set the order in the playlist chronologically (Oldest First) but that option seems to have disappeared.

    I have about 30 feeds and I will sooner look for a different podcatcher than have to go and reset everyone of the them in BP.

    Any help gratefully accepted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdonovan View Post
    I have been using Beyondpod for years (since before the big re-design) but had to do a factory reset on my phone and every other app has restored beautifully but beyondpod is just hopeless.
    I know it's too late now, but for future reference, the process for a Factory Reset is the same as for moving BeyondPod to a new device.

    Unforutnately, even with the improved backup features in Marshmallow, there is a limit to how much data Google will store (which is a lot less than that required for a full data backup), so for a seamless transfer (or reset), you'll still need to back up your downloaded episodes. Google's automatic data backup has always been unreliable at best, which is why BeyondPod has an explicit Backup and Restore feature.

    Anyway, back to your question:

    By default, the My Episodes view is sorted Chronologically (oldest first), and All Published view is sorted most recent first.

    You don't say how you're creating your Playlist, but the easiest way to get all episodes in chronological order would be to enable Automatic Playlist in Settings, Playlist Settings; then view All Feeds, and press Play on the first episode in the list. Assuming you haven't manually changed the sort order in that view, that will automatically play all of your episodes in chronological order. To be more precise, you'll play all the episodes you can see in that list, in the order you see them.

    Alternatively, you could create a single SmartPlay list that says.
    Start with Oldest 50 episodes of All Feeds
    If you have Auto Rebuild SmartPlay ticked in the Playlist settings, this will get updated every time new episodes are downloaded. If you have more than 50 downloaded episodes (and time to listen to them!), set When Playlist ends to Restart SmartPlay, which will generate the next 50.


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