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Thread: An addition to volume boost per feed.

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    An addition to volume boost per feed.

    Currently, I have BP playing mostly in the truck at work using a cable from headphone socket to aux in on the front of the radio.

    It plays very quietly and so have to have the volume on the phone turned up to max (past the warning this may damage your ears warning, whatever it says) and also turn up the radio.
    In the car it plays over bluetooth but the same applies, volume up max and radio turned high.

    The problem is when the radio defaults to radio mode it is DEAFENINGLY loud.

    Now I know I could go through each feed and up the boost individually but for the suggestion I wonder if its possible to have a volume boost that applies to ALL feeds?

    From there the individual feed setting for boost would alter the universal boost setting appropriately.

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    UK (BP Team member from Jun 2012 to Mar 2017),
    Thanks for your suggestion.

    I've added it to the feature request list

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    Much appreciated, thanks

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    Yes, please add overall volume boost. I have to set at least +3 for every single feed -- which is a royal pain since it is tucked away in advanced settings -- since no feed ever is the same volume as music or text to speech.

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