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Thread: Backup UX sub-optimal

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    Backup UX sub-optimal

    Okay, sub-optimal is being charitable. This morning I tried to install the latest beta in the hopes that it might address some of the recent issues I've had since "upgrading" to Marshmallow (BP getting terminated, podcasts stop playing up to 30s before actual end), but I was unable to install the update. A bit of research suggested that uninstalling might help (turns out the latest beta did in fact mess up a version number so the phone was preventing me from "downgrading").

    Before uninstalling, I went into setting and did a backup, receiving a message that it had successfully backed up my settings to /storage/emulated/something something something. To be honest, I didn't look all that carefully since that stuff is all really boring and complicated and I can't be bothered to remember some long arbitrary file path since that's what I've got computers for. Plus, I have to deal with that crap all day at my job as a software engineer so my users don't need to worry about stuff that has absolutely zero to do with the actual task they are trying to accomplish.

    Backup taken care of, I proceeded to uninstall BP and then install the latest APK. It failed the first time, but succeeded the second. I launched BP and was greeted with the new setup UX, which I'm very familiar with due to the very large number of times I've been forced to reinstall BP due to either a new phone, BP getting corrupted or BP just plain losing track of just where exactly it had previously stored its settings. No problem I thought, I just need to restore my backup. I go into settings and the restore option tells me that it can't find a backup at '/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/mobi.beyondpod/files/BeyondPod/Backups'. Okay, so maybe the default on a fresh install is different than where my old one was. I'll just open up ES File Explorer, figure out where the backup really is and go from there. I was a bit surprised to find that there is no /storage/emulated/0 path (/storage/emulated is an empty folder). Thinking that maybe it was something to do with adopted storage, I finally located /sdcard/Android/data/mobi.beyondpod/files/BeyondPod with a creation date of today, but no Backups folder. A full search turned up no other locations on my device holding anything looking remotely like a BeyondPod backup file.

    So now it is slowly dawning on me that the backup was stored in a folder that is either deleted on uninstall or is wiped out on reinstall. It seriously never occurred to me that somebody would ever think that was a good place to store backups by default. And before I'm told that I should have used the "Share Backup" menu option, that is clearly labeled as "send a backup to another device". I'm not using another device. It's the exact same phone I just removed BP from because I was otherwise unable to install the latest version.

    This whole manual backup notion stinks from the start. There's no reason I should have to manually choose to backup. That should happen automatically either any time something changes or on some pre-selected schedule the user chooses, and it needs to default to a sensible location that won't get wiped out. If necessary, force the user to pick a location the first time they try to backup. That's far better than defaulting to somewhere that is almost guaranteed to not be reliable. Google provides a backup service. Use it. I know you've claimed elsewhere that it "seems to be flaky," I find that a bit hard to believe. Figure out why it's flaky. File bug reports with Google. It's working just fine for my other apps that use it.

    Fortunately it appears I saved a backup to Google Drive in Match so I will not need to once again go through the tedious manual process of individually marking each feed as "listened" and then figuring out which ones I actually haven't listened to, all while BP is "helpfully" attempting to download the oldest episodes it can find faster than I can tell it not to.

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