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Thread: Playback stops loops and jumps Android 6 (Marshmallow) BP4_1_48

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    Playback stops loops and jumps Android 6 (Marshmallow) BP4_1_48

    ==Playback stops loops and jumps Android 6 (Marshmallow) BP4_1_48==

    BeyondPod will very often stop playing, then loop back 5 seconds or so, replay, then stop again.
    (Sometimes unlocking the phone will get playback going for a few more minutes.)
    After a few of these replay loops, the playback invariably stalls and gives error Playback Failed!

    The only way to continue playing the show is to start again, and suffer stops and loops etc.
    (Its basically out of action as a player

    This issue seems relates to Android 6_0_1 (Marshmallow), judging from when it started, as this behaviour not seen on Lollipop, same phone Samsung Galaxy SM-G900i

    I have tried excluding BP from power the new power-saving feature, it may have helped some, but no long playing cure.
    Turning off the Power saving feature for the whole phone gives a longer playback (about 10mins) before the stop and loop occurs.
    (Battery drains quickly in this mode also)

    I tried using the download button on the episode (some 35mins of audio) and wait until complete before playing in BP.
    The result was that there was no stalling of the audio, even when the phone screen-blanked.

    BP can play local files, but on Android 6 (M) it cannot play from a network source.
    So I suggest that the next version of BP download a temp copy of the audio file, play it and then delete it when finished.

    I live in Australia, so have pretty slow internet, even so, downloading 30mins of audio takes about 40seconds.
    I can live with a short wait before playing, so long as it actually plays the whole audio file in the end.


    P.S. I have uploaded log files from the BP App.

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    BeyondPod Team
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    UK (BP Team member from Jun 2012 to Mar 2017),
    Hi, and welcome to the forum.

    Is this using Bluetooth? (Car speakers, headphones, etc.) If so, there are Bluetooth problems with Marshmallow.

    The playback is handled by your device's built-in player, so BeyondPod can't download on the fly before playing and delete afterwards, as it isn't directly in control of the playback.

    Downloading will always give better results with a poor internet connection than streaming (and if you have the paid version, you can schedule updates to happen automatically while you sleep, so you won't notice the wait at all). If you schedule downloads, you can also set BeyondPod to automatically delete after playing, so the functionality you request is already there - just not quite in the form that you're requesting.


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    Wired headphone in the jack, no Bluetooth involved.
    Paid version, so I can download, but with such a podcast addiction, I cannot fit even only the one latest episode of all of my feeds into the memory of the phone.
    BeyondPod *Can* download before playing, as there is a button to do so, and it makes a difference to the behaviour of the (inbuilt I'm told) player.

    I include this information in the hope that you can resolve what I'm sure is a bug/ incompatibility with the new Android 6 (M) way of doing things (Power management maybe?)

    My connection is slow by world standards, but with 30mins of audio arriving in 40seconds, that is still approximately 45 times the normal playback speed,
    so well able to save more data from the stream to a file than will be read and played.

    Perhaps a better way of describing what I'm suggesting is file buffering.
    Something is going wrong with buffering (I assume it is already in the code) given the newer Andriod.

    Anyone else seeing this issue?

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    BeyondPod Team
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    UK (BP Team member from Jun 2012 to Mar 2017),
    It may well be a bug, but if so, the bug is in your device's built-in player, so you'd need to report it to the manufacturer of your device.

    All that BeyondPod does is ask it to play. The built-in player handles all the buffering, etc. BeyondPod has absolutely no control over it whatsoever, and to have control would require the implementation of a separate player, which simply isn't going to happen, I'm afraid.

    What device do you have?


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    Juwlz: Please, Please READ posts before replying...

    Let me make myself redundantly repetitive to be clear in my meaning,

    I suspect that the newer Android versions >6 will render BeyondPod unable to play podcasts.
    (This would be a bad thing for a podcast player App, No?)

    The problem, IMHO, is in streaming from the internet when the phone sleeps the screen and tries to save power.
    The problem does not occur when playing a FILE on the phone.
    The problem does not occur when downloading a file to the phone.

    I therefore have the audacity to suggest that Beyondpod download a file and play it, as this is my naive way of describing the situation (and might just work).
    (I am, of course, completely happy with any more cleaver ideas from the developers that fix the issue in a better way.)

    --To Juwlz--
    Telling me that this problem is none of your business is not a useful response.
    Even if Google or Samsung is to blame, it is your App that will cease to exist if there is not a way forward to the future.
    I am providing information and feedback in good faith, and in the hope that Beyondpod can continue to be a useful App.

    --Repetitive information pasted from my above posts--
    OS: Android 6_0_1 (Marshmallow)
    DEVICE: Phone Samsung Galaxy SM-G900i
    (Quite a popular brand of phone, no?)

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    > I suspect that the newer Android versions >6 will render BeyondPod unable to play podcasts.

    FYI - Beyondpod works perfectly on Android 7.0 Nougat, I have it running on two Nexus devices

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    BeyondPod Team
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    UK (BP Team member from Jun 2012 to Mar 2017),
    My apologies that I missed the device model in your original post. However, now that I've looked it up, the Galaxy S5 does have a micro SD slot, and BeyondPod supports storage of your podcasts on SD card (including non-adopted cards), so your immediate issue of lack of space to download your episodes could be resolved by adding a microSD card to your device (or upgrading to a larger one if you already have one), and moving your podcast storage to that (see How to change the location of downloaded podcasts).

    I can certainly submit a request for "automatic" pre-downloading before playback, but I suspect it will be refused for the following reasons:
    • if you pause playback and play something else instead, should the episode you were previously playing be deleted? If not, it's still using up limited storage; if so, you'll have to wait for the entire episode to download again to play perhaps the last 5 minutes (and use the additional data allowance required to do so)
    • scheduled downloading is already available, together with solutions to use external storage and limit the number of episodes you download
    • you can already add an episode to your playlist, manually start it downloading, and start playback immediately. It may still stutter until it's finished the download though. Or you could wait for the download to complete before you hit play
    • it would benefit a relatively small percentage of users, and all enhancement requests are considered on a balance of programming effort vs usefulness to a large number of users


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    I believe I'm experiencing similar issues. Primarily, during streaming playback, there's a skip back for 2-3 seconds. So I hear the playback, then I hear the same few previous words. It sounds like a skipped record, is the best way I can explain it. Didn't happen on prior lollipop.

    Android 6.0
    Galaxy S6 Edge
    Beyondpod beta v4.2.14

    Please advise BP admins if there's an identified bug and if it's in workflow to fix.

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    BeyondPod Team
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    Quote Originally Posted by IWasteI View Post
    Please advise BP admins if there's an identified bug and if it's in workflow to fix.
    No, we haven't identified a bug. As things stand, it only seems to happen on Samsung devices, so my guess is that there's been some change in the way their built-in player handles streaming in Marshmallow compared with Lollipop.


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