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Thread: Configuration woes after re-install

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    Angry Configuration woes after re-install

    I have been using BeyondPod for many years. I recently had to reset my phone and reinstall all my apps. Sadly, I failed to backup my BP settings so I have had to re-subscribe to my feeds and manually fiddle with the configuration but I can't get it working like it used to.

    Previously, I had a single playlist called 'All Feeds' or 'All' or something like that. It used to just play and then delete each episode, in date order, updating the list when new episodes were downloaded and adding them to the end. Now, I have and 'All' playlist, configured to play the oldest 50 episodes in 'All Feeds'. It currently has 3 episodes in the playlist even though there are 18 episodes in 'All Feeds' and I cannot see how to add the rest.

    There used to be an option somewhere to 'Play all in All Feeds' but I now cannot find it. I personally have found the UI for BP completely incomprehensible for the last couple of years but have lived with it because it tended to do what I wanted without much intervention. Now that it has stopped doing what I want, I am finding it hugely annoying!

    Any help would be hugely appreciated, I'm tearing my hair out here!

    --- Alistair.
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    Hi Alistair,

    My guess is that it's your feeds themselves that have not been set to either download or stream the most recent <n> episodes. SmartPlay (or AutoPlay) will only play "My" Episodes, i.e. those you have downloaded or marked for streaming.


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    Possibly, it certainly seems to be behaving better now. I think I may have just needed to let it 'settle down'.

    I do have another issue with it failing to play MP3's that I have downloaded from the BBC with get_iplayer but again I think I will fiddle with it for a little longer before raising it here. Again it used to work (mostly) with them.

    Thanks for your input.

    --- Alistair

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