==Playback stops loops and jumps Android 6 (Marshmallow) BP4_1_48==

BeyondPod will very often stop playing, then loop back 5 seconds or so, replay, then stop again.
(Sometimes unlocking the phone will get playback going for a few more minutes.)
After a few of these replay loops, the playback invariably stalls and gives error Playback Failed!

The only way to continue playing the show is to start again, and suffer stops and loops etc.
(Its basically out of action as a player

This issue seems relates to Android 6_0_1 (Marshmallow), judging from when it started, as this behaviour not seen on Lollipop, same phone Samsung Galaxy SM-G900i

I have tried excluding BP from power the new power-saving feature, it may have helped some, but no long playing cure.
Turning off the Power saving feature for the whole phone gives a longer playback (about 10mins) before the stop and loop occurs.
(Battery drains quickly in this mode also)

I tried using the download button on the episode (some 35mins of audio) and wait until complete before playing in BP.
The result was that there was no stalling of the audio, even when the phone screen-blanked.

BP can play local files, but on Android 6 (M) it cannot play from a network source.
So I suggest that the next version of BP download a temp copy of the audio file, play it and then delete it when finished.

I live in Australia, so have pretty slow internet, even so, downloading 30mins of audio takes about 40seconds.
I can live with a short wait before playing, so long as it actually plays the whole audio file in the end.


P.S. I have uploaded log files from the BP App.