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Thread: Add option to show year on podcast dates

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    Add option to show year on podcast dates

    Currently, BeyondPod shows only the day and month for entries.

    Often when I subscribe to new podcasts, their catalog goes back multiple years, and I want to go and dig out old entries I would also like to listen to.

    When scrolling through a long list, it is often difficult to track whether "10 May" still refers to "10 May 2016", or whether you've scrolled into the 2015's already.

    It would be nice to see the full date.

    One way to achieve this, without adding another option, would be if the "Compact Cards" view continues to work as it does now, and the default view show the date in longer format, including year. There certainly seems to be space.

    However, when one is dealing with a long back catalog, the more condensed "Compact Card" view is useful. So first prize for me would be if I could have an option to show years for podcasts entries in all views.

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    Never mind, I see it does show the year once you go back a year, so all is fine.

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