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Thread: Help with the latest wordpress feed

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    Help with the latest wordpress feed

    I think wordpress did something to its rss feed in the past 6 weeks. Now, the download file does not show up in my beyondfeed. Can someone check this feed and tell me why it's not working?

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    Here's the non fixed podcast direct from wordpress:

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    It validates OK (with warnings) so I can't see why its not working

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    Try importing it into BP and tell me if it finds the file.

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    It shows episodes but won't download them using refresh or manually. This is an example of the log:

    Completed - Local podcast talks death
    Feed Url:
    Episode Url:
    Downloaded: 12980, starting at position: 0 took: 1 sec. at 9.03 KB/Sec
    Content Size: 12980. Cache Size: Not Set
    Content Date: Mon Oct 03 13:28:28 GMT+01:00 2016. Cache Date: Not Set
    Feed has Image: No, image downloaded: No
    Content Compression: Not Compressed

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    Julie any idea what's wrong?

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