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Thread: Can't switch to beta...

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    Can't switch to beta...

    Is the beta version not available for the LG G5?

    I used to have a MotoX Pure and was running the beta version. I switched to the G5 and now I seen to be suck with the 3x version. The interface of the 4x is SO much better, can I get it on my G5? I'm part of the beta group through the app store and get nothing. I tried downloading the file directly but it just says "X app not installed" when I run the install.

    Any help would be appreciated. I miss the upgraded gui so much!

    Oh, running a Verizon LG G5 with Marshmallow 6.0.1

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    The version in the PlayStore is 4.x

    I have no idea how you've even managed to get 3.x installed, unless you had an APK for it.


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    I'm pretty sure I just installed from the play store, the 3x apk isn't in my downloads... I uninstalled last night and installed the beta from apk and it worked, guess you can't go from 3x to 4x? Either way, it's working now.


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