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Thread: Suddenly stops writing to external SD card

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    Suddenly stops writing to external SD card

    I currently have version 4.2.16 on a Kindle Fire 5th Generation, but this has been happening with the past several BETA versions. BeyondPod will read/write to the SD card with no issues for weeks at a time, then I'll try to update and get a message stating:

    Update failed! Due to the external storage card restrictions introduced in Android KitKat, BeyondPod can no longer write to your current download folder.

    Then, after a bit, the issue will fix itself, sometimes without even a restart. However, this time, it hasn't updated in weeks. What could be causing this issue? I have been using Podcast Addict in the meantime with no issues, but I find BeyondPod's layout to be much more organized and aesthetically pleasing, so I'm hoping I can find a fix.

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    Hi PeachesLatour, and welcome to the forum.

    That's the message you get when Android tells BeyondPod that it was unable to write the the SD card. The rule changes for Google Android in KitKat is one reason, but since in your case, it fixes itself, the only thing that we know for sure is that at some point, Android is having trouble writing to your SD card.

    As it's intermittent, the first thing I'd try is changing the SD card. It may be that yours is starting to get intermittent I/O errors, which is causing you to see this message. My guess is that Android is doing some checking and marking those parts of the disk as bad (either as ongoing housekeeping, or as a result of BP and potentially other apps attempting to write to a certain part of the card), so that next time you try, it manages to write to a non-corrupt part of the card.


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