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Thread: Recover playlist?

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    Recover playlist?

    I have an old phone with V4.1.44 that I used to listen to podcasts (and also Hulu and Netflix). This phone is not backed up.

    I was going to "Delete All Played" from my playlists... but I had a back spasm, my hand twitched, and my phone cleaned out my playlist. Is there any way to recover this playlist? The are some files that look likely - playlist.bin.autobak. But I am not sure how to access them.

    FWIW, my playlist are created by hand, entirely, and all of the automatic actions are unchecked. (Except for one about "Keep Current episode" which cannot be unchecked.)

    Is there any hope?

    My search found some threads related to playlists and restoring other things, but nothing that seemed like it would be a fit.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Last things first: you can tick or untick Keep Current Episode in Settings | Playlist Settings. However, since you're not using SmartPlay lists, it won't make any difference to you.

    To be clear, when you say Playlist, do you mean what you see when you pull out the right hand drawer, or the episodes you've downloaded, as seen in the left hand drawer? Delete Played would normally be accessed from the menu on the feed list in the left hand drawer, which is not related to your playlist (BeyondPod can tell what you've already played - but it doesn't matter whether your settings leave played episodes in the playlist or not).

    Either way, I'm afraid I'm not aware of any way (either supported or hacky) to recover either a playlist or your accidentally deleted downloaded episodes. The only thing that MIGHT help you to work out what's missing is looking at what you can see in What's New? in the left hand drawer, but even there I think that deleted episodes won't be visible.


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    Yes - Smart playlist are of no use to me because on this device I am not listening to anything like a daily news shows.

    I mean the playlist with the right-hand drawer. Clear playlist is one of the top options. Delete played is right underneath it.

    Just going to rebuild - which is tricky with short stories because the names aren't particularly memorable.

    Thank you for the comprehensive answer!

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