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Thread: After upgrading to Marshmallow, can't access general settings

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    After upgrading to Marshmallow, can't access general settings

    Am going nuts trying to stop BP from using data when I am away from my house from downloading episodes. The list of settings from the top left settings button, whether in all feeds or a particular feed don't have a option for selecting wifi only. How do I get to "General Settings"?

    Phone: T-mobile Galaxy S4, rooted, Resurrection Remix rom, Android Marshmallow 6.0.1
    Beyondpod Pro (full) version
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    Use the settings at the bottom of the list of feeds, or collapse all the feeds to see * Settings then its under Feed Update Settings

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    From the left hand drawer, you'll find Settings near the bottom. However, the settings you want (Use Mobile Data (for checking for new podcasts) and Download on Wifi only) are in the Feed Update settings, rather than the General Settings.


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