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Thread: Feed update issues

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    I can give that a try for testing purposes, but I don't think that will solve anything because the newest podcast episodes being marked as read immediately upon feed update is the issue. Even if I manually mark episodes as unread and do a refresh to have them download they get marked as read after the refresh, before the downloads begin.

    Also, 2 of the 3 offending podcasts have just gone on hiatus so I am only left with 1 to test.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tre916 View Post
    Also I'd like to say that when looking for podcast apps I was specifically looking for an app that can download the episodes in order regardless of age, since I have several podcasts that are low priority but have an extensive history that I listen to when I catch up on my 10ish other podcasts. And if it's set to "Download Latest Episodes" that doesn't work.
    In that case, you want "Download in order". See Episode Download Logic

    But really, I just wanted some sort of automatic download, rather than the manual download you'd said you were using.
    It would also help to look at the Update log when BP appears to be marking episodes as read, which should give us some clues. Settings | View Logs (from the three dots menu) | View Update Log.


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    I think you're confusing me with the other person with the same issue. I have been getting automatic downloads, except in these few podcast's cases where new episodes are coming in marked as viewed and thus never being downloaded.

    I will submit the entirety of the update log next time it happens.

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    I've taken apart a couple of backups, one from 2014, one from today.

    The quick difference I can spot is that the max episodes was 999 on the new one, and the old one was .NULL.

    Do you want a copy of my backups if they are helpful to the diagnosis?

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    Here is an update log from the 11th (manual download), and from today (rooster teeth podcast set to download the latest one episode).

    Both set the new item as already played.

    After an update the feed name is bold, suggesting new entries, but in the feed list it is marked as played.Screenshot_20170125-115324.jpgScreenshot_20170125-130045.jpgScreenshot_20170125-130053.jpg
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