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Thread: Backup and Restore from SD Card?

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    Backup and Restore from SD Card?

    I expect to be changing phones a few times in the next 18 months. To make that as painless as possible, is it possible to set the folder for the backup file to be on the SD card? (So I can just move the SD card to the new phone and be done with it? I don't mind if I have to re-download actual files, but I found it difficult to find the right folder this past time around....

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    You can move your entire BeyondPod folder to your SD card.

    See our Help pages on Changing the location of downloaded podcasts and How to move BeyondPod to a new device.

    If you put your BeyondPod folder on your SD card, moving BP to a new device is actually much easier than the instructions in the Help page: For belt and braces, start by doing a BeyondPod backup (which will automatically be stored on the SD card). Put the SD card in your new phone BEFORE you set it up (having your data on the device BEFORE Android automatically installs BP for you is IMPORTANT). Installing BP should then pick up your old settings from the SD card, but if it doesn't, you can manually restore from the backup.


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