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Thread: Casting BeyondPod and voice actions for Google Home

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    Just got my Google Home. Would love to be able to 'Hey Google, play BeyondPod' and have it start my SmartPlaylist. I can't quite tell from the above post if this was achieved or not?

    When I say it at the moment, it tells me the app doesn't support voice commands, as mentioned earlier.
    The simple answer is that you can't. BeyondPod does not respond to and GH commands at all. This includes STOP/START, etc.

    When you do "Hey Google, play BeyondPod", GH response with "Sorry but voice actions are not available for that app".

    And it seems clear to me that BeyondPod either doesn't know the answer or is not really interested in assisting me...

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    I registered as a beta tester, but I am not sure if you need to.

    I had success with the following voice commands:
    "Open BeyondPod"

    To register as a beta tester, find BeyondPod in the play store. Near the bottom of the product page, but just above the developer contact info, you'll see a card that says "Become a beta tester." Click the green "I'M IN" button.

    I never would have thought of "Resume." I found it here
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    And this worked on your Google Home? When I said it, it opened on my phone, but my Home said it didn't know what I was talking about... (And I'm a Beta tester too)

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    Ah crap. No, it was android assistant on my phone, sorry. Dee Dee Dee

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