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Thread: Calendar notifications will stop audio

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    Calendar notifications will stop audio

    A long time ago I was having issues with audio not resuming when apps such as driving directions from waze would interrupt the flow. This has been working fine for months now, but I have noticed that if I get a notification from the google calendar, the audio *never* resumes. This was particularly noticeable as I have a recurring meeting that is scheduled for first thing in the morning and the alarm goes off 15 mins earlier, so always when I'm driving into work. My podcasts always stop when this notification comes in.

    I think this is a bug with android as this also happens in another podcast player.

    If this is not something that you can fix as you are not getting the "end of notification" notification to your app, do you have recommendations for somewhere to post this as a bug with Google?

    Beyondpod beta v4.2.16
    Samsung S6, v 6.0.1

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    BeyondPod has a setting for whether notifications pause playback or not, so you could switch off pause on notification altogether if that would work better for you (Settings | Player Settings | Automatic Pause or Resume | Pause on Notification.

    Technically, there are two types of notification (short, such as bleeps, and long, such as navigation directions or phone calls). If you have a memory constrained device, it's more likely that BP will get kicked out of memory by Android for a long notification than a short one. But you're right. Once Android has kicked it out, there's nothing BP can do to restart.

    As you have a Samsung device, I'd start by seeking out Samsung's support.


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