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Thread: MixCloud integration/Support

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    Question MixCloud integration/Support


    More and more podcasts are simply dumped on mixcloud...

    Is there any chance in the future that BeyondPod might be able to read podcasts from there?


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    Hi, and welcome to the forum.

    BeyondPod requires an RSS feed or local content for podcast management. That is highly unlikely to change, I'm afraid. However, it does look as though MixCloud does use RSS feeds -

    For the reasons outlined here, we won't automatically add feeds in MixCloud to our directory unless they're also in iTunes, but you can always subscribe to feeds in MixCloud manually, either by clicking on the Feed URL with your phone, which should offer BeyondPod as an app to open the link (i.e. subscribe to it), or by copying the link and pasting it into the feed URL field if you add a feed manually.

    For content where there is no RSS feed, there are two possible solutions:
    1. Use Huffduffer (or any other similar service) to create your own podcast feed to include the episodes you're interested in, and subscribe to that in BeyondPod
    2. Download the episodes you're interested in, and create a Virtual Feed for your Downloads folder.


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    If you like the mixes on mixcloud, you can save them to your devices by this site:
    And more ways for you:

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    Download mixcloud software from there site.
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