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Thread: Can you backup, Sync or merge podcast lists/opml across devices?

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    Can you backup, Sync or merge podcast lists/opml across devices?

    I have several devices and use BP on each and inevitably accumulate different lists of feeds on each device.

    Syncing episodes across devices is far less important than ensuring each device has the same list of what I want to follow and that that canonical list is backed up reliably preferably

    Can BP currently accomplish this merge either in app with custom code or by implementing Android sync adapters, Android Backup Services and/or Auto Backup

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    To backup everything, go to Settings | Backup and Restore | Backup.

    To completely get everything, make a copy of the entire BeyondPod folder (which will include your settings backup, and also all your downloaded feeds).

    You can then transfer either copy the folder or just the backup to all of your devices, and restore from it.

    From then on, you can keep information about the feeds you subscribe to and delete, and playback progress synchronised using EpisodeSync.
    Note that EpisodeSync only synchronises changes, not state.


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    Is there a reason this isn't syncd through Firebase or something similar?

    Even having auto backup set to true would be a decent start.

    BP is perhaps the last app I have to manually backup and restore on a new device. (Or worse, everything list when I forget on a factory reset).

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