Trying to favor feeds distributed with the ogg vorbis codec (open format, you know) [Librivox will often make them available] I have noticed the following behavior, and found the following link describing something similar at VLC.

1) Using BeyondPod v4.2.18, File downloads fine, as far as I can tell, seems to read the length properly
2) I like playing at 1.9x~2.1x for audio books, that sort of thing. This doesn't seem to have an effect one way or another, I tried it at 1x and saw the same thing, testing it a few times.
3) On the specific file I was testing, the playback cut out the first 7 or 8 seconds. But for most (all?) of the ogg files I've played back, a few seconds seem to get cut off the front of the file.

The issue appears to line up with this (very old) VLC ticket:

It's a bit of a rabbit hole of tickets, and very old, but I was wondering if this is an old issue of ogg playback in general. I saw on this forum and the website that beyondpod relies on the native player. If speed adjustment is also involved, is that still true?

Counterpoint: I tested the same file by enabling streaming (I normally have this disabled) and trying to play it. This started playback from the beginning of the file, no issue as far as I could tell. I've seen the same behavior on 2 different phones, one HTC One M9 and one Huawei Honor.