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Thread: Sync failed: The database beyondpodsyncwest has reached its size quota

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    Looks like we are again having the same issue. Syncing has stopped since Friday morning.

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    Same here. The same error message as before.

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    Unable to login to sync episodes

    episode sync was working for a long time (and it was awesome). then recently I noticed my 2 devices weren't being kept in sync. One device(Samsung) showed last sync Aug 4 and the other(Nexus) showed Aug 3. On the nexus device, I logged out an tried to log back in, but when I try to login I get "unable to connect to BeyondPod Servers! Try again Later".

    Have the server been down since Aug 4th ? or Is there something wrong with my sync account (ie should i try to create a new sync account) ?

    [UPDATE 8/13] Confirmed the service is back up and running.
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    Same here. Trying to set up a new phone but getting the same error.

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    It's happening to me too. I hope they still have support staff working on this.

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    Same issue here. I reinstalled the app. Now getting an error message stating that my device cant connect to the servers.

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    Episodesync is currently a limited BETA feature so it can occasionally have glitches occur. I will report this to development for further investigation. Thank you!

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    @KimW, thanks for the update. I really hope this can get out of BETA soon Has been heavily relying on this feature now that I've got a secondary phone semi-permanently stay in the car.

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    Im no longer getting errors. Is it working for others now?

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    It should be ok now.

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