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Thread: Sending a podcast

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    Sending a podcast

    Is there a way to send a podcast that doesn't have an rss feed? Many podcatchers can actually send the audio file on the phone as an email (via wifi to save $).

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    If you are trying to send a Feed, once in the list view of the feed you would like to share, you will want to click the "3 dot icon" in the top right hand corner of the screen. This will give you the option to "Share Feed" and you can select how you would like to share the feed (e.g. email, message, etc.)

    The same pretty much goes for the episode share. Next to the episode, there will be its own "3 dot icon" you will click and allow you to "Share Episode". This again will give you the option to choose how you would like to share the episode.

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    No offence, but did you read my post? I want to send the actual audio file. Many podcatchers can do so, BP cannot as far as I can tell. Half of my audio files are direct audio syncs without rss.
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    Settings >menu>advanced settings >Attach episode files when sharing

    (no need to be rude)

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    Thanks. I didn't think I was rude.

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    I tried that, and it didn't share a locally downloaded file that is in a virtual folder.

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