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Thread: No Download Limit by Default / Ask to Exceed

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    Question No Download Limit by Default / Ask to Exceed

    In Download Defaults you can only set the maximum episodes to download to 50. I'm sure this was done as a way to prevent filling up all available storage space, and I know I can set the number of episodes to download manually for each podcast but I'd love it if I could set that higher than 50 as a default.

    Simply put I tend to forget to change that when I add a new podcast with a big backlog (that I'm "ready for" storage wise).

    Conversely, I also think that having some sort of "You have this feed set to download X episodes and we just found X+1. Would you like to increase the download limit OR don't warn me again for this feed" would be great as well.



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    Can I offer a different approach: Rather than going "backwards" to the start of the feed using Download Latest, set the feed to Download in Order and work forwards. That way you'll initially get the FIRST 50, and as you play them, you "free up" space to download as many more as you've already played.

    See Episode Download Logic.


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