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Thread: Can't import feeds to S8

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    Can't import feeds to S8

    I just bought a Galaxy S8 and can't seem to import my feeds. I backed up my feeds on my old phone and imported them onto the new one, but they aren't showing up. The app says that they should appear in the folder /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/mobi.beyondpod/files/BeyondPod, but that folder doesn't exist. When I create that folder and put the file in it, the app doesn't see it. Where am I supposed to put the restore file? And btw, I purchased Beyond Pod years ago and have the key for it, so I should have the full version. Thanks.

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    When installing BP on a new device (typically automatically, as part of the set up and reinstalling apps from the Play Store), a new BeyondPod folder gets created in Android's preferred location of ~/Android/data/mobi.beyondpod/files/BeyondPod on internal storage. When you restore from your backup it puts your files in /BeyondPod on internal storage, or on a removable SD card.
    To resolve on internal storage, you have to either manually move the folder to where BP expects to find it (which will now be different because it was installed from scratch on a newer Android version), or find a way to tell BP to look elsewhere.
    Changing Episode Download Path in the advanced settings may work, but it's actually better to go with Android's flow and put the folder where Android expects to find it.

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    I recently got a new tablet, created the folder that BP said was where it looked for backups, put the file there, and all is well.

    I *thought* that BP could restore a backup directly from Google Drive; am I mistaken, or has that feature disappeared since I last got a new device?

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