Recently purchased a new Android phone.

On my old phone, I have my podcasts saved to the external SD card. I moved the external SD card from the old phone to the new one.

Using "backup settings" says the backup was placed on the internal SD card, but it does not actually seem to make a backup file. I cannot find it using an explorer tool on the phone or a PC. The only way I was able to get a backup file created was to "share" the file to Google Drive.

So I saved the backup file to Google Drive, copied it to the internal SD card using a file manager and then the backup was available to be restored into BeyondPod on the new device. Upon restarting BeyondPod I received an error referring to a feed update error, which I acknowledged. None of my podcasts were present, presumably because the external SD card on Android 6+ uses a unique name for the card. There is an option to change the path of the download folder which I was able to use to get the downloaded podcasts to appear in the app. This was not until after making a backup of the folder because of a warning that my download folder would be overwritten. It was not.

I am an advanced Android user; I have dabbled in rooting, custom ROMs, etc. This process was terribly convoluted, unintuitive, and frustrating. I would have to imagine a normal user would just resign themselves to their podcasts being lost and needing to be re-downloaded.

It would have been easier if:
  1. The backup process actually worked.
    1. Additionally, the export to OPML function has not worked in I don't even know how long. The process claims to place the file on the internal SD card, but it does not actually appear to do so. The problems may be related.
  2. The restore process worked without having to manually copy files around.
  3. The messaging for the download folder relocation process was accurate (nothing was actually overwritten; it appears that at worst, the folders were merged).
  4. The native Android backup feature worked (I know this is on Google for Android backup sucking, but it doesn't look like BeyondPod is leveraging the feature at all)
  5. It was possible to restore a backup from Google Drive since it is apparently possible to save one there. This is how I was able to transfer my settings for Nova Launcher which worked flawlessly.

I know that there is an inherent problem with the storage paths since the names may change between devices even on the same SD card. Perhaps if the download folder location selection was higher up in the chain: instead of just being the download folder, the process would select the path for all (most) of BeyondPod's settings so that the backups, lists, preferences, and downloads could all be in the same place and all a user has to do is tell BeyondPod whether to use the internal or external storage.

I got the data all restored and everything is working now, but this was a huge pain because it seemed like the built-in tools either didn't work or the interfaces were inconsistent with the actions.

Normally I would have given up by now, rooted and used Titanium Backup to just "fix" it, but I am trying to get away from the need for rooting for security reasons.

I am open to comments and suggestions because maybe there are some things that I missed. If these problems are consistent, I am happy to assist in trouble shooting, though I have everything working at this point.