I struggle to use the episode list to do anything useful (download episodes, mark played, look at episode notes etc.), because the scrollbar keeps getting in the way.

On the right of each episode is two icons: a download down arrow, and a ... menu icon. On the right of the screen is also a hidden scrollbar.

Most times I try to hit ..., the scrollbar pops up instead. Worse, if the episode I was trying to operate on is x% from the top of the screen, the scrollbar jumps me to x% of the entire playlist. Then I have to laboriously scroll back to find the episode, and try again.

I try to avoid this by aiming slightly to the left of the ..., but even when I come dangerously close to hitting the download arrow instead of the ..., the scrollbar still pops up.

There seem to be two issues here:
1) Placing an invisible UI element whose purpose is to yank you away from an episode right next to UI items whose purpose is to drill into an episode is not wise.
2) There seems to be some bug that makes the invisible hot zone that pops up the scrollbar extend way to far from the edge of the screen, covering the ... item.

This is BeyondPod 4.2.16 running on Android 7.0 on a Samsung Galaxy S6, but I had the same problem before the recent upgrade to Android 7.0