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Thread: 4.2.18 - Deleted feed still updates

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    4.2.18 - Deleted feed still updates

    Hello, I added a feed then deleted it while it was still doing its initial download. I noticed in my file browser that there was still a folder for the feed with the first few episodes, presumably the point it had reached when I deleted the feed.

    I deleted the folder manually - but next time BP did an update it downloaded the same episodes again, but the feed still did not appear in the feed list.

    I resubscribed, waited for the initial update to finish, then deleted the feed again - still the same episodes are on the phone and deleting them with the file browser again makes them redownload.

    Is this a known issue, and is there a wayto resolve? Thanks

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    4.2.18 - Deleted feed still updates

    Can I bump this post from the beta forum please? Threads on that forum don't seem to be monitored.


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    We have not had any other reports of this issue. What is the feed you started to download and then delete?

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