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Thread: BeyondPod is streaming downloaded podcasts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silex View Post
    ... I will say I have found that I have accidentally streamed more podcasts than I ever realized before doing all of this research. I notice that sometimes when I go to delete or play a certain podcast it will actually do that action to a different one than you press. This causes me to stream a podcast that I thought was downloaded. Right after you press on a podcast it moves to a different one and does the action to that instead. I once hit play on a video podcast and found a few minutes later I was streaming it and it had downloaded 275 MB in that short time. I get a warning when I try to download or update a feed warning me that the action uses mobile data. I find it disappointing that I can't configure the app to get this same warning when I try to stream a podcast. Please consider adding this feature.
    I find it odd that streaming ignores the Use Mobile Data setting when unchecked.
    Perhaps it should, at least with a confirmation.
    Hope that helps,
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    Yes, ability to limit/disable streaming is something that we will do. The problem is that the streaming itself occurs outside BeyondPod (it happens in the Android Player) so that requires some "tricky" logic to determine if the episode will be streamed and handle correctly cases where it can't (for example prompt or just skip to the next one). We plan to address that in one of the next beta versions.

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