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... I will say I have found that I have accidentally streamed more podcasts than I ever realized before doing all of this research. I notice that sometimes when I go to delete or play a certain podcast it will actually do that action to a different one than you press. This causes me to stream a podcast that I thought was downloaded. Right after you press on a podcast it moves to a different one and does the action to that instead. I once hit play on a video podcast and found a few minutes later I was streaming it and it had downloaded 275 MB in that short time. I get a warning when I try to download or update a feed warning me that the action uses mobile data. I find it disappointing that I can't configure the app to get this same warning when I try to stream a podcast. Please consider adding this feature.
I find it odd that streaming ignores the Use Mobile Data setting when unchecked.
Perhaps it should, at least with a confirmation.