Let me start this by saying I paid for Beyondpod in 2009 and if this feature did exist, it could have been removed in the past 8 yrs.

I remember Beyondpod having an option where if the episode disappeared from the RSS feed, it could be auto-deleted (basically an auto delete even if the episode hasn't been listened to).

The reason why I'm looking for this feature is I'm managing my podcasts through Bazqux.com which allows me to have multiple RSS feeds in a category and than let me make that category public (and have options for only unread items in the RSS category will show up on the feed). So basically if I mark it as read on the website, it will disappear from the RSS feed and I would like the episode to auto-delete from multiple devices at once so all my devices can stay in sync.

I would like to specifically manage through the website, because I have no issue marking the stuff I've listened to as read on the website, but I'm unable to take a mobile device into work and can sometimes listen to podcasts at work.

I know this can be done w/ feedly, but I don't like how they auto-mark things as read after 30 days.