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Thread: Podcasts error on download

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    Podcasts error on download

    Android: 8.1.0
    BP: 4.2.32

    Podcasts that use XML rss feeds fail to download in BP 3.x or 4.x.


    This feed downloads without issue in:

    Pocket Casts
    Podcast Addict

    But not in Beyond Pod.

    Direct visual comparison to other XML based feeds does not show any significant differences, so I'm not sure why BP doesn't like this podcast.

    Any hope that I can someday succeed in downloading my chosen podcast?

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    As a data point, I subscribed to this feed, and downloaded the XML. No episodes would download. The update log shows the failed download: reason to fail: IllegalArgumentException - unexpected url +

    The details show " Episode url: + "

    Firefox has no trouble displaying the feed, although it cannot find any + symbols on that page.

    BP 4.2.30, stock unrooted Android 7.0, Samsung J3 Eclipse.

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    Just out of interest I put one of the episodes' feed into a feed validator, and it doesn't like it very much:


    This feed does not validate.

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    Weird - I get:
    Basic Feed Validation OK...

    Digging in a bit more - W3 (and services that use the W3 "generic" validator), seem to be getting caught on the "https://" part of the URL, proclaiming that it's not a "full" URL (and how can a URL get any "fuller" than from HTTPS to "dot-PNG"?).

    The generic validator also looks like it does not recognize RFC-822 date strings correctly. From the RFC, strings such as "Tue, 01 May 2018 00:00:00 -04:00" are correct, but they return as invalid... (section 5).

    So I'm suspecting an "error checker error" not a malformed feed.

    That said, I can see several places where they can and should clean up their syntax, but it should not "break" the feed.

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