I just purchased a Honda CR-V so is my first real use of Android Auto with Beyondpod.

History: Because of issues with earlier versions and inability to add virtual folders for audio books I wanted to listen to, I have ended up using the Betas, now installed v4.2.21.
Samsung Galaxy phone just updated to Android Oreo.

There are 2 dealbreakers for me with BeyondPod right now: When I try to change feeds in the Android Auto interface, I can only see ones that start with the letters A - F.
I can't select any other feeds unless I disconnect the phone, start a podcast in another feed then reconnect.
2018-03-29 10.29.41.jpg

But, even more annoying: Whenever I start listening to a podcast in a feed different than the one I am currently in, it clears my Playlist and adds ALL of the downloaded episodes in the newly selected podcast to the Playlist.
ARGH. I keep trying to set up 3 or 4 podcasts to listen to on a particular commute. When the first one is complete and I start playing the next one - BAM playlist is cleared I end up with several from the same podcast.
Super annoying and pretty much makes BP unusable at this point.

For the record, in Playlist settings I have unchecked the "Automatic Playlist" box (description: "Automatically creates a new playlist starting with selected episode") hoping that would stop the madness, but no joy.

I see similar reports here in the forum on this last problem, but no real workaround - anyone have a tip? I have loved using BeyondPod for several years now, but this is going to make me jump ship.