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Thread: EpisodeSync Mostly Not Working

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimW View Post
    @Phalkon30 @AndyCr15 Okay, the issue was the Quota had been met. Once I announced the fix, it seems everyone rushed to activate it again, understandably. There was always a quota on EpisodeSync, but they went ahead and raised that quota since it seems to have grown, and you should be able to log back in/reset your password with no issues.

    If you do have an issue still, please let me know.
    Appears to be fixed! It auto synced in the background about 30 minutes ago, no errors. Nice!

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    The sync is working again but I think the behavior is sightly different. Not sure if this is just me or other also seeing the same issue: When I play something on device A, once I stop it will trigger a sync up to the server, and apply make any remote updates. That's good. But device B doesn't get the update until it play/stop something and trigger the sync itself. I'm positive in the past that the sync initialized by device A would wake up device B within a few seconds to perform the sync.

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