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Thread: Podcast description not showing correctly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boz View Post
    Same problem remains for me in 2021. Android S8 running Android ver 9, BeyondPod 4.3.28

    Running a manual refresh seemed to display more of the individual titles, and toggling within a feed between "My Episodes" and "All Published" displays the rest. However, the titles don't remain when I toggle back to "my episodes."
    Can you please provide a screenshot of what you are seeing on your end? Are you seeing this with a specific feed? Or all of your subscribed to feeds?

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    Same issue, missing description data

    It shows all the time, I think, in the "published episodes" view, but very hit or miss (sometimes there, more often not) when I select a particular episode from the "My Episodes" view. Some podcasts never seem to show it in the particular episodes selected from "My Episodes" (even though it's there in "published episodes" view, while for others it seems hit or miss. When I manually re-downloaded an episode, it then appears. Same issue others are seeing. Running v.4.3.321.

    Screenshots show an individual episode selected from the Published Episodes view, showing the description and selected from the My Episodes view, missing that description.
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