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Thread: Please get your backup problems sorted out :(

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    Angry Please get your backup problems sorted out :(

    This is the 3rd Phone in a row where I got problems with this crappy (sorry) 'backup' system of BeyondPod. Why on earth is it so difficult to just integrate this settings file in the Android Backup? It's all documented here, it works with thousands of other apps :

    It's not even possible to just back the settings up to, say, Dropbox and directly import download it again from there - instead you force your users to mess around with SD card adapters, cryptic pathes which don't sometimes exists, absent backup files and so on. Why? Seriously, why?

    So please, PLEASE get this finally sorted out. I'm so tired of this
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    Completely agree, this is a very legacy implementation of backup that hasn't aged well.

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