Hey forum members. I recently upgraded my Verizon Galaxy S7 from Android Nougat 7.X.X to Oreo 8.0.0 and have lost some of the functionality I use daily on Beyond Pod Version 4.2.30. Previously, when PB was open and I locked my phone a small widget would show on the lock screen allowing me to skip to the next podcast, go back a podcast, or skip the number of seconds or minutes chosen in the PB skip interval setting. The widget was 1 unit high by 4 units long on my home screen with the 4 x 4 grid selected in the Android settings. Since the Android upgrade PB now shows a widget that only includes the play/pause button and the buttons to skip a complete episode forwards or backwards. The skip interval button is gone. I've tried both of the widgets available from PB but neither of them has the skip interval button. The new widgets are also different on the app pages while the phone is unlocked showing only a play/pause button and the skip interval but not the episode skip buttons. The old widget also show episode skip buttons while the phone was unlocked. The only options PB has for notifications on the lock screen is do not show notifications or hide content. I have it set to hide content but have tried both options. Also, the new widget seems to have some erratic behavior and I've even seen the old widget appear below the new one a couple times on the lock screen for a second or two. Does anyone know how to have a widget display the interval skip button on the lock screen? Thanks in advance!