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Thread: Lock Screen Controls and Widgets

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    I posted a reply, but it isn't posted, so here goes again?

    I had the same issue on my S7. What we're seeing is the new Oreo generic Music controller. You can turn this off - evidently it overrides other media controls. The BP media controls are actually there, just hidden. If you swipe down on any notification you'll see it pop out, along with the quick settings.

    To turn it off - Android Settings, Lock screen and security, Clock and FaceWidgets, FaceWidgets. There you'll see toggles for Music controller, Today's schedule, and Next alarm. Once you turn it off the BP controls will reappear.

    You don't even need any widget selected, the default notification has ALL the controls.

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    Hey OldGuyStillTry. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! Your solution worked for me too! Moreover, your explanation of the new Android music controller being the root cause makes sense. Other forums I participate in have ways to send acknowledgement for answers that build the status of users. I've looked around here and don't see anything but you definitely deserve it.

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    Sure thing. This drove me nuts for a few days too. BP is my most used app so I know how it feels to loose the controls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldGuyStillTry View Post
    I too have a S7, this drove me crazy for a few days. What you're seeing is the new Oreo generic media control. Apparently it overrides all other media controls, like BP and GoneMad. All you have to do is turn it off. Go to Settings, Lock screen and security, Clock and FaceWidgets, FaceWidgets - there you can turn it off, along with toggles for Today's schedule and Next alarm. I don't recall reading about these before, but that's the ticket.

    You don't need to have any BP widget selected, the default BP notification media player has ALL the buttons.

    Actually even when the Oreo media control is turned on the BP media control is there, but hiding. If you have any other notification you can swipe down on it and BP will appear, along with the first row of quick settings. It's like a game of hide and seek when you turn a widget on, then it's there - until you use it - then it's gone.

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    THANK YOU!!! I was also going crazy trying to activate this on my Galaxy Note 9, I didn't know if it was the latest version of BP or Android 8.1.0. I was on an older version of BP but got updated to 4.2.41 with the new phone.

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