Stefank, I hope all is well my man. I'm pretty happy with how things are moving along here, functionality is coming back, and usability is getting better.

Now to my issue. I'm running .19, and this has been happening for several versions now. I upgraded my Samsung Galaxy Tab to CM9 (dear god why would I do this?), the one you've seen installed in my car dashboard in my vehicle. Performance has been great, and most of the bugs are out of it now, but for some reason, no matter what settings I'm using, BeyondPod will NOT do a scheduled update properly.

The error I'm getting is about the connection. I never had this problem with it before in Gingerbread, but I'm not sure if some change in ICS is causing this to happen.

I have it set to Toggle Wifi on update

I've tried mobile data ON (even though i don't have a mobile plan on this device).

I've tried Screen Off for updates and Automatic for updates. ON has not been tried, but it isn't an option, as I can't have this screen turning on for an update when it is parked at a hotel or at a parking lot when I'm at the club getting my dance on... Anyways, I'm sure you understand what I'm getting at here.

Here's the error. (I just set it up in the living room to try to update while unplugged, to get the error for you)

Feed update Details

Failed - Matt Darey - Nocturnal Podcast

- Url:
- Downloaded: 0, starting at position:0 took 0mSec. at 0.00KB/Sec
- Content Size: 0. Cache Size: 1035081
- Content Date: Unknown. Cache Date: Sat Jun 09 09:52:09 MDT 2012
- Feed has image: Yes, image downloaded: Yes
- Content Compression: Not Compressed
- Reason to fail: UnableToEstablishNetworkConnectionException - Unable to establish Internet connection! Both Mobile and WiFi data connections are allowed!

Now the above error obviously is a BIT different depending on time, and what options I'm trying at the time, but I'd love to see if there is a way to get this fixed. I'll post the same error at XDA to see if they know what's going on, but I figured I'd come here first.

When I upgraded, I restored my backup of Beyondpod, so nothing has really changed there. I screwed up at one time with another update, and wiped my entire device, so I had to start over fresh, down to downloading all my podcasts again.

Hope you can point me in the right way.