I'm running 4.2.34 on my Nexus 6P, Android 8.1 July update.

When connected to bluetooth in my car, when I shut the car off the player pauses for a second, then starts playing over the handset speaker. This behavior did not occur in any version before the .34 release.

I checked, I have this setting: Settings>Player Settings>Automatic Pause or Resume>Pause on Headset Disconnect enabled. I have made zero changes to my settings when updating to the latest beta.

This is very frustrating as I often have my media volume on zero, and will pull my phone out an hour after I get to work to find out that my podcasts have been playing silently in my pocket. It requires me to now get out of my car and stare at my phone to watch when it starts playing again to pause it.

I have not tried other Bluetooth sources to see if they pause when disconnecting, I can if I'm the only one with an issue. I can tell you my car did not change however, only BP did.