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Thread: Can't change feed image

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    Can't change feed image

    4.2.34, on Galaxy S8

    I've tried going to "edit feed" and changing the feed image, but once I select the image I'm returned to the feed edit screen and the image hasn't changed. I hit save and it still doesn't change. Anyone else have this issue?

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    I am on a Samsung Galaxy S8 too.

    This works on the latest beta v4.2.35. for all feed images actual and virtual feeds; I just wanted to get rid of the yellow folder shown for virtual feeds

    Download the image you require and name it "feedimage". My feed images are ".jpg" files of varying sizes but not over 500 x 500 pixels. (Larger size may work but why waste storage space?)

    Open your files on your Android device and navigate to where BeyondPod stores its Podcasts. Place the image in the feed folder you want the image for. Once the image is in the folder and you can see it rename it ".feedimage." notice the final dot; it's important.

    It is important that you remove the ".jpg" or".png" from the file name but just leave the "." no file suffix - just the dot after the file name. Open up BeyondPod and there you are.

    The file name can be changed before importing into the podcast folder but if you put the first dot before loading into your podcast file you will have to enable "Show hidden files" in your "My Files" settings - but the file suffix can only be removed leaving just the "." when you are looking at the file on your device. You can hide the feedimage file again when you have finished editing the file name.

    I have multiple feeds in one folder and this also works if you put the ".feedimage." into the folder list. You then get the image on all the folders within the multiple feeds folder plus the multiple feed folder as well.
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