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Thread: 4.2.38 pauses constantly

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    Exactly the same issue

    Quote Originally Posted by ender7 View Post
    Pixel 3 running 4.2.41 on Android 9

    Beyondpod pauses when connected to bluetooth. Sometimes it pauses a LOT, like twice a minute. Sometimes it barely pauses at all. The pausing behavior has been observed with many bluetooth connections, from the car to Alexa to a bluetooth speaker. It really interferes with my ability to use the app.
    I have the exact same config and issue as this user. Ironically this has never happened to me until very recently. It pauses in the car, with a BT speaker, etc. Strange.

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    4.2.41 android 9 update and Bluetooth pausing

    My device just received the Android 9 update and now Bluetooth playback is pausing randomly. Feels similar to the issue before v4.2.41 fixed the playback pausing when the device was on Android 8.
    Verizon Samsung Note 9, Android 9.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimW View Post

    This is a known issue that development is working on a fix for. Unfortunately, I do not yet have an ETA for a new release from them yet. I will be updating users when I do have that information from development.

    I am merging this thread with the existing thread for this issue:
    Any update on when this issue is expected to be resolved?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan158 View Post
    Any update on when this issue is expected to be resolved?
    Hello Dan,

    Unfortunately, development has not given an estimated date of when to expect the next release with the fixes they are currently working on. Once that information is available, I will update in the forum.

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