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Thread: 4.2.38 pauses constantly

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbradlow View Post
    I am running BeyondPod 4.2.41 on a S9+ running Andorid 9. I am having this repeated pause problem. I have changed all the OS settings to ensure that Beyondpod can run in the background and not be put to sleep but it still repeatedly pauses (with Bluetooth connections - car and headphones).
    I have been using Beyondpod for many years but I shall reluctantly need to change to a new podcast player.
    Just for the record: the repeated pausing issue goes away if you turn off pause for notifications (it seems to pause every 2 minutes even though there are no notifications).
    However, I have switched to Pocketcasts as BeyondPod has too many other issues: the widget does not work, sometimes it simply won't launch (just see a constant white screen) and it does not auto launch

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    In researching this, it appears that Samsung phones/tablets are the issue. I have a Note 8 that was doing the same thing, and I think I figured out the issue. By default, the power options won't let it run in the background. If you go to Settings -> Device Care -> Battery -> BeyondPod. Turn off "Put app to sleep". This seems to have fixed the issue for me.

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    Samsung devices definitely cause more problems, but I can assure you my Pixel and Nexus phones also had this issue.

    Probably 2 bugs, one caused by Samsung, one by BeyondPod. I would guess it's something in the way BP targets old API's

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