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Thread: Automatically add downloaded podcasts to end of playlist

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    Automatically add downloaded podcasts to end of playlist

    I want to keep a single playlist and just keep adding podcasts to the end of that playlist. I don't ever want to wipe out my playlist. But when a new podcast is detected in one of my feeds, I want it to be added to the end of my playlist. Is there a way to do that? Ideally the new podcast would get added whether it's downloaded or marked for streaming, but if I can only do this for one of these that would be a good start.

    I tried SmartPlay, but if I've manually added any podcasts to my playlist then it seems SmartPlay wipes them all out.

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum.

    Smart play will automatically update your playlist every time you update your feeds, so you'd want to either do everything using Smart Play, OR add things manually yourself. Otherwise, as you've seen, Smart Play will remove anything that you added manually. Of course, it might put it back on your playlist in a different order, depending on what you did and what your Smart Play rules were.

    SmartPlay is the only way to add episodes automatically, and if you want to listen to all your podcasts in chronological order, you just need one rule:

    Start with
    50 episodes of
    Category: All Feeds

    If it happens that you have more than 50 episodes, and you get to the end of them, you can make BP find the next 50 by changing the setting for When Playlist Ends in the Playlist and Widget settings to be Restart SmartPlay, which will find the next 50 oldest unplayed episodes.


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