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Thread: Not so Smart Playlist

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    Not so Smart Playlist

    Does anyone know how to do the following. I have tried various methods and none work.

    1 I want to dynamically reorder the active playlist so that after the current podcast has played the SHORTEST podcast the next shortest is played next and so on. I download a lot of podcasts so listening to the short ones first reduces the clutter. If I rearrange manually, the not so Smart Playlist changes the order at random times.

    2 I want the playlist to stop randomly recreating the playlist and actually rebuild the playlist when it's empty as it's supposed to do that, haha. It's never worked as advertised and I've had dozens of alleged updates.

    3 I'd like it to play multiple downloaded podcasts from the same author in date order, without need to manually move them around, and then have the system reorder them at random times.

    Ideas, anyone?

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    You can't sort by episode length; that's been asked several times in the past. You can, however, gather your feeds of similar length into categories, and put those categories into the playlist program in order. I do this, with categories for <5m, <15min, <30 Min, <1hr, then everything else. There are exceptions, I'm not a robot, but in general, my update categories are separate from my playlist-ordering categories.

    BP recreates the playlist when it reaches the end (if "When Playlist Ends" is set to "Restart") or when any update happens (if "Auto Rebuild SmartPlay" is checked on the Playlist setting screen). Just tested this, it works on 4.2.40. I've never seen BP rebuild my playlist except at the times controlled by those settings.

    To play in order, set the smartplay entry for the category to "oldest"; if the feed contains good dates (some don't, and some drop several episodes at the same time), they will play in order. You may want to set your feeds to download by date (in the feed settings, set "Episode Downloads" to "Download Episodes In-Order"; this can be defaulted). Personally, I only download a single episode at a time from most of my feeds.

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