I started seeing a fatal error after Beyond Pod updated to 4.2.40 on Saturday. (About a year or two ago I had made all my audio files reside on the SD card).

"Configured episode download location (storage/emulated/0/files) is no longer available! If you are using an External SD card, the card may be removed, unmounted, or configured as ReadOnly. Your internal SD card (/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/mobi.beyondpod/files) is still available. Do you want to switch to use your internal SD card instead?

If I say no, it closes the program. I have never said SWITCH, because I was afraid as heck about overwriting something. my internal SD doesn't have enough space (only 2 gigs), and the usage on my SD card is 9.85 gig.

Update: After checking file locations on the SD card file system, I saw that the files were still there, so I hit SWITCH.

The first thing that happens is I see the 4.2.40 UPDATE message. The second thing that happens is that all the audio files are still there. Under SETTINGS, I still see that the default location is still on the sdcard. So it seems to be a false alarm?! If so, what was the point of that message?

Android 5.1.1
Beyond Pod 4.2.40

Total 9.85 GIG
Application 30.4
SD Card Data 9.82