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Thread: 4.2.41 Paused Notification Stuck in Tray

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    Quote Originally Posted by BubiBalboa View Post
    Any news to share, Kim?

    If you don't have an ETA could you at least tell us why it is taking so long? Because I really don't understand.
    I do not have any new update at this time unfortunately. Development has some big core bugs they are working on fixes for which seems to be taking longer than expected. When I do have a new update and/or an ETA, I will let everyone know.

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    I'm experiencing the same problem in Android 9 with BeyondPod version 4.2.41. The problem is that, when the notification returns, BeyondPod seems to hijack whatever I'm currently playing. This problem has been around for so long that I'd disabled notifications for BeyondPod, and couldn't remember why. Now I do. I'm a long-time premium user, and can't imagine using any other app. This isn't enough for me to stop using it now, but it looks like this problem has been around for well over a year.

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